FemiSan A drops

femisan a herb drops for hormonal balance

FemiSan A

Contributes to hormonal balance and fertility

FEMISAN A is used as a dietary supplement based on water-alcohol extracts of the herbs: lady’s mantle, yarrow, marigold flower, herb robert, raspberry leaf and parsley. The red geranium herb helps to preserve good sexual functions. The lady’s mantle herb helps to maintain comfort before and during the menstrual cycle. The yarrow herb soothes abdominal cramps in women.

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Aqueous ethanol solution of the lady’s mantle herb (Alchemilla vulgaris herba) – 30%,

aqueous ethanol solution of the yarrow herb (Achillea millefolium herba) – 20%,

aqueous ethanol solution of marigold flower (Calendulae flos) – 15%,

aqueous ethanol solution of the herb robert (Geranium robertianum) – 15 %,

aqueous ethanol solution of raspberry leaf extract (Rubus idaeus) – 10%,

aqueous ethanol solution of parsley (Petroselini folium) – 10%


Dissolve one portion (60 drops / 3ml) in a glass of water and drink it one to four times a day before meals.

A dose of 2 x 60 drops proved to be sufficient in most cases. It is recommended that Femisan A drops be used for a period of 3 months, after which one can make a break for 2 weeks, after which the therapy is repeated in the same way. Using this rhythm, the drops can be used indefinitely, ie. until the expected results are achieved.


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