Nefrovit Herbal Drops

Nefrovit contributes to preserving the normal functioning of the urinary tract. How to use / recommended use: drop 60 drops in a glass of water and drink 1-4 times a day before meals.

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Nefrovit Herbal Drops are used as a dietary supplement based on a mixture of herbal ingredients: veronica, dandelion, goldenrod, silver birch and horsetail, which contribute to preserving the normal functioning of the urinary tract.

Bacterial infections of the bladder and urinary tract affect women more often, mostly due to differences in structure: in women, the urethra is shorter than in men and is located near the anal opening, which makes it more accessible to bacteria. They are often associated with gynaecological disorders and cystitis is more common in menopausal women. As changes in the prostate occur in men after the age of 50, urinary tract infections affect people of both sexes equally from that age.

Irritations and inflammation can last for several months, and even after treatment with antibiotics, with persistent bacteria such as Escherichia coli, they may often return. Feelings of discomfort during urination and frequent urination impair the quality of life and complicate our normal activities.

The most common problems and disorders of the urogenital tract are:

  • kidney inflammation
  • chronic renal insufficiency
  • inflammation of the bladder (cystitis)
  • hyperactive bladder
  • urinary tract infections
  • infections with Escherichia coli and with enterococci
  • urine poisoning
  • blood in the urine
  • protein in the urine
  • sand and stones in the kidneys and bladder

Veronica (often called heath speedwell) contributes to the healthy functioning of the kidneys and the bladder, it cleanses the urinary tract and relieves inflammation. This plant has been proven to have antimicrobial properties due to the abundance of phenols and flavonoids. As a powerful antioxidant, Veronica destroys free radical cells, thus protecting not only the urinary tract but also the whole organism from the effects of harmful substances.

Silver birch contributes to the function of normal urinary elimination and has a strong urinary antiseptic effect, as asserted by the European Medicines Agency Birch contributes to an increase in urine flow and reduces inflammation caused by kidney stones. With its diuretic effect, it also contributes to the relief of ailments caused by rheumatism and gout.

Goldenrod helps maintain a healthy urinary tract and contributes to the normal function of urine elimination, it cleanses the urinary tract, thus acting preventively in infections. The study on the properties of goldenrod highlights its antibacterial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, as well as its use to combat cystitis, irritable bladder and other diseases of the urinary tract. This plant, in addition to its therapeutic effect, also plays a role in reducing the possibility of infections relapsing.

Horsetail has a strong proven diuretic effect it supports the excretory function of the kidneys, reduces and accelerates the excretion of stones, soothes painful urination and prevents inflammation of the kidneys and the prostate. The German Commission E has highlighted its use in treating urinary tract infections and for kidney and bladder stones.

Dandelion has an anti-inflammatory, diuretic and urino-antiseptic effect, it prevents sand retention and the formation of kidney stones. In addition to urinary problems, dandelion is also effective in digestive disorders, dyspepsia, liver and gallbladder diseases.

Nefrovit herbal drops, thanks to the action of flavonoids, saponins and essential oils, have a diuretic effect, something that affects the proper redistribution of fluids in the body; they act preventively against the formation of sand and kidney stones, contribute to the elimination of existing calculosis and relieve painful episodes. An increased fluid flow and antimicrobial and antibacterial action of phytoncides help with urinary tract infections, along with the elimination of uric acid and other toxins and harmful metabolites. The presence of potassium salts in the preparation has a beneficial effect on kidney function. The synergistic effect of medicinal herbs in Nefrovit contributes to calming acute and chronic inflammation of the kidneys, the bladder and the urinary tract.

Frequent urinary tract infections and disorders that cause urinary retention are factors that lead to the formation of kidney stones, but also negatively affect metabolism and the endocrine system. Most urinary tract infections, as much as 80 per cent, are caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli. A tingling sensation when urinating, frequent and painful urination, followed by fever, cloudy urine and blood in the urine are signs of an infection of the urinary tract and the bladder, which, if neglected, can also spread to the kidneys.

Urinary tract infections are often associated with gynaecological problems; gynaecological research that has dealt with the effects of other products in our range has shown a very positive effect of Nefrovit drops on bacterial urinary tract infections, including the most persistent Escherichia coli.

Nefrovit herbal drops contribute to calming acute and chronic inflammation of the urinary system, and have a preventive effect against the formation of sand and stones in the kidneys. The medicinal plants in the preparation are especially effective in Escherichia coli infections, and with their diuretic effect, they thoroughly cleanse the urinary tract.

The preparation is suitable for people of both sexes, and in men it can additionally prevent or alleviate prostate problems, including benign hyperplasia and prostatitis.

Nefrovit drops are completely natural and have no side effects. They do not contain hormones or preservatives. When used properly alongside regular medical check-ups, they can be used indefinitely.



Nefrovit is a gluten-free product, manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice, in compliance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 standards and HACCP quality control systems.


Nefrovit was registered in the database of the Ministry of Health on page 481, under the number 4802, and extended registration on page 125, under the number 4802 on 10 February 2019.


We have asked our customers to describe their experience with Nefrovit herbal drops:

I have been using Nefrorvit drops for two years. I take a round of six bottles (three times 30 drops; when feeling unwell I take 40 drops) and then take a break for one to three months, depending on how I feel. I have been suffering with interstitial cystitis for 20 years and bacterial infections very occasionally. Escherichia, which was not well treated at the beginning (a doctor told me), 20 years ago, damaged the bladder mucosa in the sense that the mucosa became hypersensitive. I have been treated by Professor Dr Sava Mićić. ISC causes quite severe spasms. Although no bacterial infection is present, the doctor has been prescribing treatment with ciprocinal to suppress the inflammation. Until I started taking Nefrovit, I had been on antibiotics every three to four months. Nefrovit has reduced the spasms and their intensity. I have the impression that it has also reduced uterine cramps during the cycle and reduced the intensity of bleeding. My experience with Nefrovit has been great.


I have tried other pills and some syrups… of course I also drink a lot of tea… but only Nefrovit drops have proven to be effective… the day after taking Nefrofit those symptoms begin to lessen… so I always have them at home!

COMPOSITION: Aqueous ethanol solution of heath speedwell (Veronicae herba)  - 20%, aqueous ethanol solution of dandelion root (Taraxaci radix) - 20%, aqueous ethanol solution of the goldenrod herb (Solidago virgaurea herba) - 20%, aqueous ethanol solution of silver birch leaves (Betula pendula) – 20%, aqueous ethanol solution of the horsetail herb (Equisetum herba) - 20%.