FemiSan A Herbal Drops

Natural formula intended to preserve the health and good functioning of reproductive organs in women from the first menstruation to menopause. How to use / recommended use: Drop 60 drops in a glass of water and drink 1-4 times daily before meals.

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Femisan A drops are a natural formula intended to preserve the health and good functioning of reproductive organs in women from the first menstruation to menopause. They are used as a dietary supplement based on tincture extracts of lady’s mantle, yarrow, marigold flower, herb robert, raspberry leaf and parsley.

From puberty to menopause, menstruation is a faithful companion of every woman. Although it may not be very pleasant by nature, what is much more unpleasant is when it does not come on time. Irregular menstruation is the clearest indicator of a hormonal imbalance in the body during the menstrual cycle. Very low estradiol levels lead to a very thin endometrium and an absence of menstruation or a menstruation that is very short and “pale”. Too little follicle-stimulating hormone means that the egg cell will be underdeveloped and of poor quality, but also that the level of oestrogen will be low. Without progesterone, the endometrium of the uterus will not separate and peel, which is the purpose of menstruation, and without enough oestrogen, which we could call the conductor of our sex hormones, not only will the whole process fail, but we will be constantly tired, listless, full of pimples, unfeminine…

Unfortunately, when we feel unwell that is just the beginning, because a hormonal imbalance is an ideal ground for a series of disorders that are either difficult to treat or cannot be treated at all; they greatly impair our quality of life and lead to infertility.

Every woman is certain to encounter one of the following problems or disorders at least once in her life:

Apiol, which stimulates microcirculation in the area of ​​the ovaries, helps restore hormonal balance, when it comes to irregular cycles, a complete absence of cycles, cystic and polycystic ovaries. This effect of apiol which is obtained from parsley has an exceptional effect on the functioning of the ovaries, on the elimination of cysts and it also increases fertility.

A number of plants in Femisan A have a spasmolytic effect, which reduces uterine cramps and significantly eases painful cycles. Alchemilla vulgaris, better known as lady’s mantle, is a plant rich in tannins with a number of proven beneficial properties, which strengthens the uterus and uterine ligaments and is brilliant for the prevention of cysts and fibroids. Achillea millefolium, or yarrow, contributes to the reduction of menstrual pains, as does marigold.

Femisan A calms inflammation of the ovaries and the uterus with the powerful action of essential oils, tannins and sulphur heterosides, which are considered the strongest herbal antiseptics. There is also herb robert, which is rich in flavonoids and tannins, thanks to which it has been proven to have antiviral and antibacterial properties; its cytotoxic effect is also known, something that provides protection against the development of cancer cells.

Plants in Femisan A, such as lady’s mantle, act as reproductive tonics – they tone and strengthen the reproductive system by increasing the flow of blood and lymph through the organs. This plant has a proven antioxidant, anticancer and enzyme-inhibitory effect. Lady’s mantle and yarrow have a strong astringent effect – they reduce excessive bleeding by constricting blood vessels and tightening the mucous membranes, but also an emmenagogue effect – they stimulate, regenerate and promote normal menstrual flow, thus contributing to normal menstruation; they reduce it when it is excessive and stimulate it when it is absent. Lady’s mantle and yarrow are also effective diuretics, which is especially useful in the premenstrual period, which is characterised by fluid retention and swelling; they also have a spasmolytic effect, which helps with cramps and pain in the premenstrual and menstrual period. With their ability to stimulate circulation in the small pelvis, these plants contribute to the strengthening of the endometrium (uterine mucosa) and to the better functioning of the ovaries, which enhances fertility.

Despite numerous advances in science, there is no specific cure for most disorders of the reproductive system; those therapies that exist have a number of unpleasant side effects. Hence the great need to return to nature which is rich in bioactive substances with a great medical potential. Studies have proven their strong positive effect even in disorders such as endometriosis.

Selected medicinal herbs in this preparation naturally regulate the menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalance. It can be used to prevent the appearance of cysts and inflammation of the urogenital tract. It has a positive effect on fertility and helps maintain the health of women from puberty to menopause.

Femisan A can be used by girls from the first menstruation, as well as by women in perimenopause when it can be combined with Femisan B. These are completely natural drops, with no added artificial substances, preservatives, dyes and hormones. When used properly alongside regular gynaecological examinations, they can be used indefinitely.


Femisan A is a gluten-free product, manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard and the HACCP quality control system.


Femisan A is entered into the register of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia no. 4800/2019 dated 10 February 2019.


Research on the effect of Femisan A drops on the health of patients has shown a positive effect of the preparation on ovarian cysts, PCOS, menstrual disorders, uterine fibroids, heavy bleeding with anaemia, sex hormone imbalance, premenstrual symptoms and a lack of ovulation.


We have asked our customers to describe their experience with Femisan A drops:

I am one of those who got pregnant after the first bottle of Femisan A drops even though the doctors had already written me off. My doctor had sent me to a sterility counselling centre, because I have only one ovary, I am old, my AMH was very, very bad, the thyroid gland was problematic… I combined Femisan A with royal jelly … and now I have two children. A two-year old girl and a six-month old boy. Go ahead, girls, be persistent and don’t give up!


Femisan A saved me from surgery. I had a cyst and after using Femisan A the cyst disappeared. A couple of years ago, I lost my left ovary, I saved my right one with the help of Femisan. I take it now preventively with breaks.


Hello, I am writing after four months of using Femisan A drops. My menstrual cycle is back to normal, my hormones are excellent. I am thrilled! Thank you for this fantastic and, above all, natural product.


I am very satisfied with these drops and have tangible evidence that they helped me. I have an ultrasound of the ovaries before using the drops: they were full of cysts, like Swiss cheese. I have an x-ray of the ovaries after taking the drops, they are crystal clear. Also, after taking the drops, I became pregnant.


I wanted to thank you for producing such drops for women who have various female problems. I have been using them (three bottles of 3×30 drops a day) and after 13 full years of waiting for the baby I got pregnant. I am now the mother of a 13-month old son.

COMPOSITION: Aqueous ethanol solution of the lady’s mantle herb (Alchemilla vulgaris herba) - 30%, aqueous ethanol solution of the yarrow herb (Achillea millefolium herba) - 20%, aqueous ethanol solution of marigold flower (Calendulae flos) - 15%, aqueous ethanol solution of the herb robert (Geranium robertianum) - 15 %, aqueous ethanol solution of raspberry leaf extract (Rubus idaeus) - 10%, aqueous ethanol solution of parsley (Petroselini folium) - 10%