About Us


Herba Svet is a modern company that has been operating for 24 years, with over 20 employees and external associates in the field of pharmacy and phytotherapy. We produce quality dietary supplements that contribute to maintaining health and preventing many diseases in women and men. The company is a winner of numerous recognitions and certificates, which is also a guarantee of the quality of all our products.

For more than two decades, we have been summing up the wisdom of nature into herbal formulas and, using science and tradition, creating original recipes that basically carry purity, strength and power

What is our guiding idea?

Today, we are in a constant hurry, overburdened with obligations and constantly under stress. We do not have time to dedicate to ourselves and our health. That is why we feel the need to supplement our frequently scarce diet with dietary preparations that will increase the intake of vitamins and minerals, and we are increasingly aware of the value of medicinal herbs. This is where the strength of Herb Sveta lies, which through its products provides the best of nature – phytotherapeutic preparations of the highest quality, without artificial hormones, preservatives and additives.

We pay tribute to our roots

In our nation, medicinal herbs have been used since time immemorial, and our climate is rich in wild vegetation, clear glades and meadows where herbs have been collected for centuries for various ailments. This knowledge was passed from generation to generation, and occasionally talented healers and doctors would appear who would collect that knowledge and record it. Thus, our famous folk doctors, Vasa Pelagić and Jovan Tucakov, especially appreciate yarrow, which is, as Pelagić says, “well known by almost every peasant without all the botanies and botanists”, and red geranium, lady’s mantle, shepherd’s purse and marigold have a special place in Tucakov’s treasury. Herba Svet is a guardian of the roots: all the knowledge and traditions about medicinal herbs from our region are seriously considered, but they are approached in a modern way, in a most modern laboratory.

We believe that prevention is better than cure

Herba Svet doo has been working for years on raising the awareness among women about the importance of prevention when it comes to cervical cancer and how necessary regular gynaecological examinations are. We often hire experts who inform the public about gynaecological problems in a popular way through various media and give advice on how to prevent them. You can also watch some of the programs that deal with these topics on our Youtube channel.


We understand the synergy of plants

Herbal treatment is holistic, always keeping in mind the interaction of various plants and the body itself. Herbal essences often stimulate syntheses in the body that produce healthy cells or necessary enzymes. Tinctures, essences and extracts are the strongest basis of herbal preparations because they contain the highest concentration of medicinal substances. Sometimes in one tincture we have the root of one plant, the leaf of another, the flower of a third … If we put all that in one tea mixture, there would be no real effect because each of these plants requires its own way of preparation. Some are boiled, some are soaked overnight, some are just poured over with boiling water … That is why our users do not have to worry about the method of preparation. It is enough to use Herba Svet doo preparations according to the given instructions and the desired results will surely come.

Today we are sowing for a future harvest

Among our fifteen or so completely natural top quality products, a special place is occupied by Femisan A, an already famous brand that has been collecting quality awards for years, and it is also known outside the borders of Serbia and the Balkans. But what makes it stand out the most are the numerous positive experiences of its users who, with the help of Femisan A, not only successfully solved disorders of their reproductive system and hormonal imbalance, but also have managed to overcome the sterility problem, despite hopeless medical findings. Children are our greatest treasure, and at a time when sterility has taken the form of an epidemic, we can freely say that babies born thanks to Femisan A are our greatest reward and success, and that they shine brighter than any cup. Femisan A is our stake in the future.

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We love nature and take care of it

Exploring the healing power of plants and not caring about nature as the source of that power for a company like Herb Svet would be a paradox. That is why Herba Svet has been taking care of the recycling of its glass bottles, and plastic caps, since the very beginning. Everything is submitted for recycling without a redemption fee. Herba Svet doo is currently in the process of devising a process in which medicinal herbs would be used after extraction as a propellant or as a fertilizer. The production itself does not generate waste that would have to be disposed of separately, which is clearly seen in the annual waste reports. As a socially responsible company, Herba Svet welcomes the introduction of waste reports as an obligation for all producers.