Heath Speedwell

(Veronica officinalis)

In England, the plant is called speedwell, from the archaic meaning of the word speed – to flourish, to progress. It was highly regarded by Celtic and Germanic tribes and it soon found its way to the Roman pharmacopoeia where it had pride of place as “the cure of the world”, a cure for everything. The root of the word veronica is the latinised form of the Greek vereniki – that which brings victory.

Speedwell is great for nerve problems, it calms the body and the mind, brings relaxation in the evening, makes it easier to fall asleep and eliminates depression. It contains mannitol, which improves memory, has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system and eliminates dizziness. It improves the work of kidneys and the expulsion of sand, cures infections and encourages drainage. Being an excellent lung cleanser, it helps expel mucus from the lungs in a number of respiratory diseases, relieves chest pains and soothes smoker’s cough.

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