(Equiseti herba)

In ancient times horsetail was used for various purposes: due to its abrasive properties, the Indians polished their arrows with it; it was used for centuries to polish tin dishes. Today we know that it was silicic acid that made the dishes shine and that horsetail’s exceptional healing properties are precisely due to this ingredient. It is believed that horsetail was a giant dominant plant that grew some 15 metres in height during the Palaeozoic, the oldest era of planet Earth. Today, this is a perennial plant that reaches up to half a metre in height.

Horsetail is a diuretic, it stimulates the expulsion of accumulated fluid from the body and cleanses it. That is why it is used against cellulite and fatty deposits on the hips. The plant’s diuretic effect helps with swelling in the legs and edema caused by injuries or diabetes. Horsetail protects the urinary tract because it prevents the formation of stones. It can reduce pre-existing stones and speed up their expulsion. It is very useful in inflammations of the urinary tract and bleeding, as it eases painful urination and prevents inflammations of the kidneys and the prostate.

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