(Solidago virgaurea)

Astraea, the virgin goddess in ancient Greece, fleeing from the wickedness of humanity, ascended to heaven to become the constellation Virgo which can still be seen twinkling in the sky on a clear night. The moral decline of humanity was punished by a flood; after the flood waters receded leaving behind mud, Astraea’s tears of compassion were fated to have watered a seed of a gold-flowered plant, a symbol of faith in a better future: Solidago virgaurea herba. The fact that this plant has so many names – wound wort, Canada goldenrod, northern goldenrod, Missouri goldenrod, giant goldenrod, yellow weed, Aaron’s rod – speaks best of its popularity.

The three-pronged action of this plant – anti-inflammatory, diuretic and spasmolytic – is the reason why it is a very frequent ingredient of herbal mixtures used to cleanse the urinary tract and is also used as a supplementary therapy alongside antibiotics. In addition, it helps in a number of ailments, from from tonsillitis to bronchitis and depression, solidagio is a highly regarded herbal remedy useful in the treatment all ailments and complications caused by inflammations such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout and hypertension.

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