In our childhood we must have picked it and plucked its heart-shaped leaves while saying “should I, should I not” or “loves me, loves me not”. Shepherd’s purse is another widespread, resistant weed plant, a bit inconspicuous but extremely medicinal. In some languages it is also called “girl’s herb” for a good reason: it has the ability to cure painful menstruation.

Shepherd’s purse starts to bloom with the first spring thaw. Its scientific name is Capsella bursa pastoris, translated as ‘shepherd’s purse’. Although it does not look like its closest relatives, it belongs to the same family that cabbage, horseradish and mustard belong to. Chickens like to graze on it and eggs laid by hens that move freely in the yard and have access to it are natural and healthy.

Shepherd’s purse is a treasure trove of useful substances: flavonoids, polypeptides, choline, acetylcholine, histamine, carotenoids, glucosinolates and vitamins A, B, C and K. Thanks to peptides that have a hemostatic effect, this plant has a great ability to reduce bleeding, externally and internally and to soothe inflammations and burns. That is why it is great for heavy and painful menstruation, haemorrhoids, nosebleeds and inflamed bleeding gums.

In addition to having a beneficial effect on menstrual flow, shepherd’s purse can also stop uterine prolapse, strengthen it and help recovery after childbirth. It does not only strengthen muscles of our internal organs, but can also be applied externally: when massaged into weak and painful muscles its tincture strengthens their tone, which is especially recommended during recovery from limb fractures, after cast removal for example.

Shepherd’s purse is also useful for women who are entering menopause; it calms heartbeat, strengthens the heart, lowers blood pressure and is excellent for angina pectoris. It also has a good effect on the urinary tract, it soothes an inflamed bladder and is used as treatment for hematuria (blood in urine).

Another proof that shepherd’s purse is a friend of women is the fact that compressions made with it are a great help to breastfeeding women: handkerchiefs soaked in its decoction and placed on the breast bring a soothing feeling of relief.

This extremely useful plant for women is part of Femisan A capsules. Femisan A plus maca capsules are a natural formula that contributes to maintaining normal physiological functions of female reproductive organs. It balances bodily functions, restores hormonal balance and can be used for the following ailments:

  • ovarian cysts
  • uterine fibroids
  • menstrual cycle disorders
  • painful menstruation
  • endometriosis
  • PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome
  • fibrocystic breasts
  • female infertility – sterility
  • cervical ectopy
  • PMS

In addition to shepherd’s purse, Femisan A capsules contain the following medicinal plants: lady’s mantle, yarrow, marigold, herb robert and golden maca root. The capsules are also enriched with zinc, a mineral that is necessary for reproductive health.

There is no need to pluck heart-shaped leaves of shepherd’s purse anymore: you can be sure that there is someone who loves you: Femisan A.