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FEMISAN INOSITOL CAPSULES  is a nutritional supplement with Myo-inositol, D-chiro inositol and folic acid (Magnafolate® PRO) intended for women who are planning a pregnancy. Folate contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism, plays a role in cell division, normal synthesis of amino acids and the normal functioning of the immune system. Folate contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion. Directions for use: take one capsule twice a day before meals.


  • the improvement of ovarian function
  • normalisation of hormonal secretion
  • normal menstrual cycle
  • reduction of hyperandrogenism (an increased level of male hormones)
  • increasing the chance of conception and a healthy pregnancy
  • normalisation of insulin, cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels.

It is well known that pregnancy is a condition that requires an increased intake of certain vitamins, minerals and elements that help the development of the foetus, while at the same time protecting the mother’s health. However, recent research has established that it is necessary to start with a more careful diet, supplementation and a healthy lifestyle earlier, well before conception. Taking care of one’s health during pregnancy planning and before conception can prevent a number of risk factors both for the foetus itself and for the long-term health of the mother, including obesity after childbirth, which negatively affects the cardiovascular system and can lead to the appearance of metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Studies have even proven that proper supplementation before pregnancy affects the intellectual abilities of a six-year-old child. What is certain is that the nutritional status of the mother during conception directly affects the development of the placenta, the proper distribution of nutrients and the epigenetic remodelling of the foetus’s genes. Numerous nutrients and fatty acids play key roles in the process of early neuronal development, including the development of neurons, axon and dendrite formation, synapse formation, myelination and neuronal apoptosis.

Folic acid is one of the most necessary supplements that pregnant women are strongly advised to take from the moment they plan to conceive until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy.

The FEMISAN INOSITOL CAPSULES supplement contains MAGNAFOLATE® PRO – folic acid in the form of methylfolate (calcium L-methylfolate), known as the superior form of folate and currently its purest form. Unlike folic acid and folate in food, which have to go through several biochemical conversions in the body to become L-methylfolate, magnofolate can be absorbed directly and is also suitable for women who have the MTHFR gene mutation.

Also known as vitamin B9, folic acid is necessary for normal iron absorption, blood function, amino acid synthesis, and above all, normal functioning of the nervous system. Although some foods – such as eggs, whole grains, fatty fish and nuts – contain this vitamin, it is often not absorbed properly. Absorption is hindered by an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and digestive disorders, as well as the use of birth control pills. During pregnancy, a good level of folic acid in the mother’s body is vital for the foetus. The process of developing the spinal cord – neurulation – begins in the foetus in the third week of pregnancy. During the embryonic phase, the neural tube rapidly forms from the neural plate, followed by the brain and the spinal cord. Lack of folic acid in this phase can lead to drastic damage to the spinal cord, and one of the consequences of this deformity is spina bifida, a disorder that takes the form of an open lesion on the spine of a newborn that causes permanent paralysis of the legs and arms and often leads to mental disorders. Some other defects due to the poor development of the neural tube are encephaloceles – protrusion of part of the brain tissue through the skull – and anencephaly, when the baby is born without parts of the brain. Supplementation with folic acid and increased iron intake can also prevent disorders in newborns such as cleft lip and congenital anomalies of the cardiovascular system.

Another nutrient that is increasingly discussed is inositol, that is, myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol, the most important two of the nine isomers. Myo-inositol is a carbohydrate (sugar) that is present in the brain and other mammalian tissues, and acts as a secondary mediator in the transmission of cell signals for hormones, neurotransmitters and growth factors. It is the one that “fine-tunes” the sensitivity of receptors and helps cells “communicate properly”. In this way, this inositol also supports the work of the ovaries, helping them to establish the proper secretion of sex hormones, as well as the work of the endocrine glands. It has the ability to stimulate the endogenous production of lecithin and control the metabolism of fats and sugars, as well as the cellular activities of the nervous system. Its effect on insulin secretion is compared to the activity of metformin, which is used as a therapy for type 2 diabetes.

This characteristic of inositol is especially important for women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This disorder, which is on the increase nowadays, is characterised by the formation of a series of small cysts on the ovaries that negatively affect their work, resulting in increased secretion of androgenic hormones, ovulation, cycle and menstruation disorders and infertility, but also a number of accompanying and very dangerous conditions, such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. As women with PCOS usually have anovulatory cycles, it is also the most common cause of sterility. This is exactly where myo-inositol comes into play: numerous studies have proven that supplementation with myo-inositol over a long period of time in women with PCOS contributes to cycle regulation, improved ovulation and positive metabolic changes, the final result of which is a reduction in hyperandrogenism – the concentration of male sex hormones.

D-chiro-inositol is another stereoisomeric form of inositol that has the properties of an “insulin “mimetic” – it contributes to the correction of metabolic disorders associated with insulin secretion, more precisely – it plays a role in increasing tissue sensitivity to insulin, so it is a great help in conditions such as insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. By directly targeting hyperinsulinemia, inositol also affects PCOS, which is directly related to it.

In addition to being helpful for women with polycystic ovary syndrome, inositol supplementation has been proven to improve the success rate of artificial insemination in women suffering from infertility. Researchers who monitored 935 women during a research study came to the conclusion that myo-inositol supplementation increases the chances of pregnancy after IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), and that it also improves the quality of the embryo, reduces the number of unstable oocytes and the number of doses of drugs needed for the stimulation of the ovaries.

The use of inositol before conception has a long-lasting positive effect during pregnancy and after childbirth: it has been proven in research studies that the use of myo-inositol and folic acid reduces the risk of gestational diabetes in obese women by as much as 66 per cent.

The effect of myo-inositol can be seen not only on the body, but also on our mental state: it is effectively used in the fight against the negative consequences of stress, depression, anxiety, sudden mood changes, insomnia, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder… Since mood swings are a common occurrence in PMS, supplementation with inositol can help women restore emotional stability in the period before the onset of menstruation. What’s more, today the effectiveness of myo-inositol has been clinically proven even in the most severe form of PMS – premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). It can also help women in menopause in two ways: in alleviating mood swings and nervousness, which are a common symptom in this transitional period, as well as in metabolic disorders, cardiovascular problems, obesity and diabetes, which may affect women’s health as their reproductive capacity declines. Myo-inositol has been proven to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. And that is not all: some studies have also revealed a positive effect that inositol has in preventing epileptic conditions, as well as preventing the growth of liver and lung cancer cells.

Following the latest trends in medicine, myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol, together with the purest form of folic acid, Magnafolate® PRO, are part of the modern preparation Femisan Inositol. Femisan Inositol is a completely safe nutritional supplement intended for women who are planning a pregnancy; it is easily absorbed and has no contraindications. It is ideal to start supplementation three to six months before conception, while longer use is recommended for those with polycystic ovary syndrome. It can be easily combined with Femisan A drops or capsules until conception; after conception Femisan Folate Pro is recommended as it contains all the necessary ingredients to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Now you can give love to your child even before it is conceived – with Femisan Inositol!


FEMISAN INOSITOL CAPSULES is a gluten-free product, made in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard and the HACCP quality control system.

Dietary product – FEMISAN INOSITOL CAPSULES  dietary supplement is registered in the database of the Ministry of Health for dietary products, under number 21406/2022.


INGREDIENTS: Myo - inositol 505 mg, D - chiro inositol 5 mg, folic acid Magnafolate® PRO 200 µg.