FEMISAN® FOLAT PRO is a dietary supplement used by women during pregnancy planning, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Method of use / recommended use: Drink 1 capsule once a day.

FEMISAN® FOLAT PRO contains Magnafolate® PRO, folic acid in the form of calcium L-methylfolate. Methylfolate is known as a superior form of folic acid, and currently its purest available form. In addition to being recommended to women during pregnancy planning, pregnant and lactating women and women who are taking oral contraceptives, this most stable form of folate is excellent when used as prevention and as an additional therapy for cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cerebral apoplexy, diabetes, nervous system disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

Pregnancy is a period when completely different rules apply and when the body needs additional nutrients. The saying that “a pregnant woman eats for two” certainly does not mean double the amount of sweets, but it definitely should mean a double dose of folic acid. But let us go back even further, before a new life is conceived.

Every woman needs folic acid – vitamin B9 – regardless of whether she intends to give birth or not. Without it, the body cannot normally absorb iron, create red blood cells and synthesise amino acids; it is especially needed by the nervous system. We get it when we eat fruit, especially citrus fruit, green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, fatty fish, eggs, liver… But in order for it to be properly absorbed and for the body to use it, we need other B vitamins, especially biotin, as well as zinc and vitamin C. Today we are often surrounded by enemies of folic acid which reduce its usability: tobacco, coffee, and even intangibles such as stress; this could be compounded by poor absorption in the intestines of women who suffer from inflammations of the intestinal mucosa, disorders of the intestinal flora and a lack of digestive enzymes. Folic acid reserves that the body produces are depleted quickly and that is when symptoms begin to appear which we often do not immediately associate with a deficiency of this vitamin.

Fatigue, lethargy, paleness, headaches, a constant feeling of tiredness, leg cramps, palpitations, inflammations of mucous membranes, as well as forgetfulness, distraction and irritability – these are common symptoms of folic acid deficiency. If pregnancy occurs at that time, additional problems are likely to affect not only the mother, but also the foetus.

And here is why folic acid is necessary during pregnancy: based on a number of clinical observations, folic acid deficiency is strongly associated with disorders suffered by the mother, such as anaemia and peripheral neuropathy, as well as congenital defects in the foetus. Folic acid is necessary for the growth and development of the foetus, especially the neural tubes. From the third week after fertilisation until birth, the foetus undergoes a process of neurulation – the development of the spinal cord. During the first eight weeks, in the embryonic phase, there is an accelerated formation of a larger part of organic systems of the future child’s body. From the neural plate that develops from the mesoderm, a neural tube is formed, from which the brain and spinal cord then develop. If the body does not have enough folic acid, the spinal cord and the nervous system can be damaged, so a newborn may have an open lesion on the spinal column and damaged nerves and the spinal cord. This disorder is called spina bifida. Unfortunately, this damage is permanent and it results in paralysis of the lower extremities with a number of accompanying and very serious conditions, with mental disorders being also possible. A defect in the development of the neural tube can also be caused by encephalocele, which are characterised by a protrusion of a part of the brain tissue through the skull, or anencephaly – the absence of a part of the brain.

A study involving over one and a half million women confirmed that women who took folic acid before and during pregnancy had significantly fewer complications – fewer birth defects, neural tube defects, premature births, abortions, stillbirths and infant deaths.

As birth control pills have been shown to reduce the concentration of folate in the blood , supplements are recommended to be taken alongside them; if a pregnancy is planned it is best to increase doses of folic acid at least three months before conception.

When pregnancy and childbirth are successfully completed, there is another important period in the life of the mother and her baby – the period of breastfeeding. While breastfeeding the baby, the mother rapidly depletes her folate reserves, so even then the need for this vitamin is increased.

In addition to this vitamin which is necessary for the emergence of new life, FEMISAN® FOLAT PRO also contains vitamin C, biotin (B7), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Vitamin C and biotin are necessary for the proper absorption and utilisation of folic acid, for the protection of cells from oxidative stress and for immunity. Biotin further improves the quality of skin, hair and nails, and  prevents hair loss after childbirth and during breastfeeding. As vitamin B12 is transmitted through the placenta to the foetus during pregnancy and through breast milk to the infant, it is necessary to take sufficient amounts of this vitamin during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Its deficiency will affect the infant rather than the mother, but signs of deficiency can appear quite late, even after six months. Vitamin B12 deficiency in infants can cause anaemia, skin and hair development disorders, cramps and physical and mental retardation.

Another group of essential nutrients that women should pay special attention to during pregnancy and breastfeeding are omega unsaturated fatty acids, especially considering that they are critical elements in the construction of the foetal brain and retina. This is one of the reasons why the FEMISAN® FOLAT PRO supplement also contains Omegia® – the oil of the fruit and the plant of the sea berry, which contains the entire spectrum of unsaturated fatty acids – omega 3, 6, 7 and 9.

Interest in omega fatty acids during pregnancy began in the 1980s, when Danish researchers found that women from the Faroe Islands gave birth to babies who were even 194 grams heavier than those born in Denmark. As the diet of sea fish is very common on these islands, a much higher level of omega fatty acids in the blood was found in pregnant women there as well. Thus began a series of studies that came to numerous conclusions about the benefits of these lipids during the conception and development of new life.

In the second half of pregnancy, foetal brain grows and develops rapidly, as well as during the first year of the newborn’s life. Children of mothers who took omega fatty acid supplements were found to show much better cognitive abilities, mental and psychomotor skills, and better eye and hand coordination later in life. On the other hand, omega deficiency increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.

Studies have shown that omega fatty acid deficiency in foetuses and newborns is irreversible later in life. Intake of sea fish can meet the needs for these nutrients, but today fish is widely available from contaminated sources and artificial breeding, and there is a high risk of mercury poisoning. That is why it is much safer to take omega fatty acids through a quality supplement.

In addition to health benefits for the newborn, Omegia® has a number of benefits for the health and beauty of the mother: it contributes to skin hydration and its elasticity, it reduces wrinkles, regulates eye moisture and eliminates dryness, prevents inflammations and contributes to healthy hormonal balance.FEMISAN® FOLAT PRO is a completely natural and safe food supplement that will make every pregnant woman feel brilliant; it is very easy to use: it is sufficient to take one capsule a day, preferably before a meal. Ideally, one should start taking these supplements when planning a pregnancy, three to six months before conception; these supplements can be used safely during the entire breastfeeding period. It is especially recommended for consecutive pregnancies with a short break in between, when reserves of folate and other nutrients can be critically low. One pack of FEMISAN® FOLAT PRO contains 30 capsules, a one-month supply.

FEMISAN FOLAT PRO is a gluten-free product, made in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice, in compliance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 standards and HACCP quality control systems.

FEMISAN® FOLAT PRO was entered into the register of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia no 21405/2022.


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