ALFA AKTIV HS Pro capsules


ALFA AKTIV HS PRO capsules are used as a dietary supplement for male adults; they contain extracts of damiana, nettle root, saw palmetto, pomegranate, quercetin, resveratrol, acetyl-L-carnitine and zinc.    

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How to use / recommended use:  take 2 capsules once or twice a day before meals.

The preparation is intended to preserve the health and functions of male reproductive organs, the prostate and the cardiovascular system. The prostate is a gland that is located below the bladder and in front of the rectum, and the urine and parts of the seminal ducts pass through it. The primary function of this part of the male anatomy is to create semen and to facilitate unhindered movement of sperm; its work is controlled by the male sex hormone, testosterone. With age, the prostate becomes enlarged, naturally putting pressure on the bladder and the urethra. Problems that can occur with the gland are: a very painful inflammation – prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – an enlarged prostate that presses on the urethra and makes urination difficult, and in the worst case, prostate cancer.

Prostatitis, in addition to causing severe aches in the prostate area, also causes very frequent urination, painful ejaculation and urination, aches in the lower back, fever and a feeling of general malaise. With hyperplasia, aches are weaker, but the discomfort is pronounced because, in addition to the feeling of an urgent need to urinate, urination is very difficult, the urine stream is weak and intermittent and blood in the urine can also occur.

The most common ailments and disorders that occur in men after the age of 45 are:

  • acute prostate infections
  • chronic prostate infections
  • prostate enlargement – benign hyperplasia
  • atherosclerosis
  • high blood pressure
  • angina pectoris, myocardial infarction
  • forgetfulness, mental fuzziness
  • depression
  • erectile dysfunction

Saw palmetto is a valuable ingredient in Alfa Aktiv HS Pro capsules because it is rich in free fatty acids and beta-sitosterol, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the prostate and can prevent its swelling and inflammation. Research has shown that saw palmetto extract is at least as effective as standard therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia, without its usual negative effects. Similar studies even point to the advantage of this natural extract over synthetic drugs because, unlike them, it is very well tolerated and cheaper. Today, saw palmetto has a significant place in modern medicine, and the German Commission E recommends it for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in phases I and II and for the treatment of laboured urination.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa var. Aphrodisiaca Willd) has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and is best known as a natural aphrodisiac; modern research have confirmed the positive role that this plant plays in improving sexual performance. In addition to contributing to an increased libido, damiana brings oxygen to the cells, which acts as a mental stimulant and anxiolytic. Damiana in Alfa Aktiva HS PRO contributes to the hormonal balance, promotes the circulation of bodily fluids in the genital area and contributes to the health of the urinary tract. It also has an adaptogenic effect and helps the body cope with the negative effects of stress.

Trans-resveratrol is an element of longevity and prolonged youth which, thanks to polyphenols, has a chemopreventive effect. It protects the cardiovascular system, preserves the flexibility of blood vessels, balances blood pressure and is especially recommended for people with a family history of cardiovascular disease. In addition to reducing the chances of atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke, this powerful antioxidant in Alpha Active HS PRO improves general health and eliminates the negative consequences of stress, increased physical and mental effort and cigarette smoking, by neutralising the harmful effects of free radicals.

The dry extract of nettle root (Urtica dioica L.) is another ingredient in Alfa Aktiv HS PRO that has a beneficial effect on the prostate and prevents hyperplasia, thanks in part to 3-β-sitosterol; it also successfully absorbs excess fat in blood vessels, maintaining normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. With its diuretic properties, nettle facilitates and accelerates the excretion of urine, thus preventing the occurrence of urinary tract infections. Beta-sitosterol is a natural cleanser of the body, which protects and strengthens the immune system.

Alfa Aktiv HS Pro capsules also contains pomegranate extract (Punica granatum L.), which protects cells from free radicals with its strong antioxidant effect, and has been proven to have anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties; it is a powerful ally in the fight against prostate cancer. As it is rich in polyphenols, pomegranate also has a cardioprotective effect and improves brain functions.

Dihydroquercetin is a bioflavonoid with strong anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. It prevents pro-inflammatory enzymes, thus eliminating inflammatory processes in the prostate and is an excellent therapy for chronic prostatitis; with its antioxidants it has an antitumor effect, protecting this gland from cancer. As it dilates blood vessels and increases their elasticity, quercetin also contributes to the normalisation of blood pressure, healthy blood vessels and general cardiovascular health.

In addition, Alfa Aktiv HS Pro capsules also contains acetyl-L-carnitine, an amino acid that plays a key role in the metabolism of fats and its use as an energy source, and has been proven to help solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, and contributes to the maturation and better motility of sperm. This amino acid plays a role in improving sperm motility in the ejaculate, as confirmed by scientific studies. Some clinics use it for the treatment of testicular atrophy. In addition to raising energy, acetyl-L-carnitine helps prevent heart disease and diabetes; it protects the nervous system and contributes to the healthy brain function, thus increasing concentration and memory, and also contributes to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. As it is important for metabolism, it also has an impact on the reduction of body fat and the increase of muscle mass.

Alfa Aktiv HS Pro capsules is a completely natural preparation, without added artificial substances, preservatives, dyes and hormones. When used properly alongside regular medical check-ups, it can be used indefinitely.


Alfa Aktiv HS Pro capsules is a gluten-free product, made in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice, in compliance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 standards and HACCP quality control systems. In line with an opinion of the Islamic Community of Serbia, it is HALAL certified.


Alfa Aktiv HS Pro capsules was entered into the register of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia under the number 16274/2020 on 30 April 2020.


We have asked our customers to describe their experience with Alfa Aktiv HS Pro capsules:

My father (76), otherwise a heart patient, suffers from prostatitis and needs to urinate every hour. I noticed that he stopped leaving the house because he can’t last long without going to the toilet; he became withdrawn, he stopped socialising, he is depressed… I researched the ways to help him and found Alfa Aktiv HS PRO. At first I had to remind him to take it, but after a couple of weeks he realised it was helping him and then asked me to buy him more. His experience with Alfa Aktiv HS PRO is great: after a month the inflammation calmed down, he had no problems urinating. He is still taking the capsules regularly. At the last check-up, the cardiologist was surprised that his blood pressure and cholesterol were excellent.


COMPOSITION: Damiana dry leaf extract (Turnera diffusa), Saw palmetto dry extract (Serrenoa repens L.), Trans resveratrol (from Reynoutria japonica Houtt.), Nettle dry root extract (Urtica dioica L.) Acetil-L-carnitine, quercetin (quercetin dihydrate) Pomegrenate dry extract (Punica granatum L.) Zinc (zinc citrate trihydrate)