(Lavandula angustifolia)

How much truth there is in the stories of the ancients has been shown by modern analyses. Lavender essential oil has antiseptic properties, so it could certainly play the role of a disinfectant. It could hardly have prevented the plague, but if nothing else, it had a placebo effect. Today, we also put lavender in closets to save our favorite coat from moths, and plant it in pots on the terraces and around the house because mosquitoes bypass it in a wide arc. So, the story of fleas and other vermin is holding up. As far as perfume is concerned, there is hardly a person who does not like the scent of lavender, and even today it is widely represented in the cosmetics industry. However, we do not spread laundry on its bush, although that is not a bad idea at all, but we certainly use fabric softeners with its scent. As far as clairvoyance and divination are concerned, this should not be taken lightly: serious research has shown that the smell of lavender oil lowers blood pressure, pulse and body temperature, but also gives a feeling of mental clarity, energy, and most surprising – enhances theta and alpha brain waves. Lavender is proven to relax. And intuition loves calm.

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