Hormone imbalance can easily be identified on our face and body. Hormones are an essential piece of the puzzle of our system, and as we enter certain age or situations, like puberty, menopause or pregnancy, the level of hormones changes. However, today we are witnesses of a massive ’hormone rebellion’ that works against the well set schedule.

There is an increasing number of women struggling with irregular periods, polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids and other disorders caused by the hormone imbalance. Only the person going through such an ordeal knows well how difficult it is to struggle with the constant sense of fatigue, depression, brain fog and mood changes. However, apart from having a huge impact on our body and mind, the hormones can drastically change the way we look. Balanced hormones are essential for beauty, and it is not an overstatement.

When hormones are out of balance, we crave sweets, we are prone to overeating and piling up extra weight. Once the level of estrogen drops, any control over food becomes impossible. The reason for that is that estrogen controls the level of leptin, the hormone that regulates food intake. After the age of 40, and especially on entering menopause, women gain weight more easily, and the fat is particularly deposited in the abdominal region. This is also the time when we are physically less active, which makes it more important to find an activity that suits us and practice it regularly.

Our digestive system is lined with receptors that react to estrogen and progesterone. As their levels rise or drop, our digestion changes, we can get bloated and swollen, and find it impossible to button up our favorite pair of jeans.

Hormone imbalance is closely related to acne. Once the level of androgens, male sex hormones (that women also have, but at lower levels), is increased, our sebaceous glands get extra active, the pores get clogged and acne emerge. The best way to treat acne is to balance hormones, along with finding a good dermatologist to stop the existing acne run their course.

Sex or thyroid hormone imbalance can cause a sudden hair loss. However, as we lose our beloved hair on the head, we gain unwanted hair in wrong places, particularly on the upper lip, chin and body. It is, understandably, followed by a significant loss of confidence.

Another aspect regulated by progesterone is the level of energy and sleep. Logically, when it drops, we suffer from chronic fatigue and insomnia. Low estrogen, however, can cause hot flashes and sweating, which will not only disrupt the sleep, but also cause headaches. Fatigue and lack of sleep leave sad traces – dark circles under the eyes, but the body suffers, too, as it will not have enough energy for everyday activities.

If our estrogen levels are too high, we may suffer from fibrocystic breasts. Not only can it be painful, but also cause alarm as we feel series of lumps in our breasts. Although fibrocystic breasts are usually benign, it is always better to get a proper checkup.

Estrogen is directly linked with serotonin and dopamine, the ‘happiness hormones’. Hormone imbalance thus goes hand in hand with anxiety and even depression, which will increase before the onset of menstruation. Sex and thyroid hormones imbalance can significantly impair health, cause lack of self-confidence and self-neglect.

Our body is a perfect puzzle, however, it is enough for only one piece to be disturbed to ruin the entire picture. And that is exactly how hormones work. Once they are disturbed, it is very difficult to regain balance. Modern medicine offers us hormone replacement therapy which is effective while we are taking it, with numerous side effects, however once we stop taking it the problem comes back.

The best way to regain natural balance is – by the help of nature. Femisan A is a natural herbal preparation which helps regain hormone balance and resolve disorders caused by the imbalance. Femisan A is an essential part of every woman’s cosmetic bag which helps her maintain or regain her natural beauty.