(Visci albi herba)

For mistletoe to come into being, a bird needs to eat its ripe berry; after eating the white flesh of the berry, the bird has to wipe its beak on twigs and branches, leaving behind the seed. Once the sticky content is dried and hardened, the firmly attached seeds germinate, stealing nutrients and water from their host. The ancient Celts believed that the mistletoe, apart from the nutrients, also takes over the spirit of the tree, and thus remains green even in wintertime, when most of the vegetation is dormant. Mistletoe’s modus vivendi – its ability to draw energy from its host – can be regarded in a new light when we learn that this exceptional plant has the power to destroy tumour cells.

In addition to suppressing malignant cells, mistletoe has the power to regulate blood pressure and prevent arrhythmia. It prevents dizziness and cramps, regulates hormones, improves metabolism… Mistletoe prevents diabetes, accelerates the work of the lymphatic system, and eliminates hot flashes and irritability. Mistletoe has a beneficial effect on the glands with internal secretion.

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