Lady’s Bedstraw

(Galium verum)

It is usually seen on St John’s Day when wreaths of its flowers are made and hung on the door. The yellow flowers smell of honey and are a true symbol of a warm and carefree summer. Lady’s bedstraw is not only a decorative plant – it has been used widely throughout history, both in the household and in folk medicine.

One of the main characteristics of this beautiful plant is that it is a powerful cleanser of the body: it helps expel harmful substances from the liver, spleen, kidneys and pancreas. If used regularly, it cleanses both the urinary tract and the lymphatic system. The body can blossom when it rids itself of toxins: the skin becomes radiant, the stomach and intestines work better and absorb nutrients from food more efficiently, there are no allergies, and metabolism functions at full strength.

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equigal biljne kapi
ivanjsko cvece

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