(Leonurus cardiaca)

As its Latin name suggests, motherwort is about the heart. During Queen Victoria’s reign, each flower had a symbolic meaning, and motherwort was a symbol of hidden love. But this plant is not only a cure for emotions – it also works for angina pectoris, post-infarction conditions, it calms and balances the heart rhythm, regulates cholesterol and improves circulation. The first official Chinese pharmacopoeia, Tang Peng Ts’ao, from 659 AD, reports how motherwort is effective in “expellling dead foetus and retained placenta”. Much later, it was indeed proven that the plant causes uterine contractions and can cause miscarriage, so it is not recommended for pregnant women.

What are the ingredients of motherwort that have such healing properties? Leonurine, an alkaloid found in this plant, has been shown to be a successful inhibitor of vascular tone. In simple terms, it relaxes the muscles. Tannins have bacteriostatic and antioxidant effects. Acetylcholine balances blood pressure. Choline breaks down fats and slows down their deposition and minerals improve circulation and decelerate the ageing of blood vessels. Ursolic acid protects the nerves, memory, stimulates muscle work, protects against cancer and prevents damage caused by a heart attack.

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