(Turnera diffusa)

The ancient Mayans and Aztecs used, and their descendants still widely use, the leaves and stem of this shrubby plant, not only as an aphrodisiac for which it is most popular, but also to relax, improve digestion, improve mood, or simply enjoy its taste as we enjoy coffee. It is believed that it was part of the original recipe for margarita, and ‘damiana margarita’ is still a very popular cocktail in Mexico. When Europeans realized the healing properties of this plant, it was soon included in pharmacopoeias, and described as a plant that reduces anxiety, neurosis, depression, and improves sexual performance. Traditional medicines around the world, from Central American to Chinese, use damiana as a very powerful therapeutic agent that provides energy, improves blood circulation by bringing oxygen to cells, acts as a mental stimulant and relieves depression, stimulates testosterone secretion which plays the most important role in sperm formation and maturation, helps to preserve and restore the male reproductive organs, promotes the circulation of body fluids in the genitals, and is also an adaptogen that protects the whole body from infections, and in addition to the genital, has a very beneficiary effect on the urinary system, too.

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