Wild Oregano

(Origanum vulgare)

Long ago, when there were no antibiotics, wild oregano came on the scene. Our ancestors could not define exactly what was so medicinal in it, but today we know: among other ingredients it is carvacrol, the strongest natural antiseptic, which effectively destroys viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, and the latest research has shown that it also kills cancer cells. In addition to carvacol, oregano also contains thymol, a powerful antibactericide. Together these two phenols have a long list of effects: antiseptic (against germs – for disinfection), bactericidal (against bacteria), anthelmintic (against worms), antifungal (against fungi), antioxidant (against free radicals), anti-inflammatory (against inflammation), anxiolytic (against anxiety, for calming), cytostatic (against cancer cells), antitumor (against tumors), hypoglycemic (against diabetes) and spasmolytic (against cramps). So, oregano resolutely opposes everything that should not be in our body.

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