Purple Coneflower

(Echinacea purpurea)

This purple flower is part of the echinacea plant, also known in America as the snake root from Kansas. Native Americans have used it for over a thousand years, mostly for wounds and bites of poisonous animals, but also for coughs, toothaches, inflammation, fever, intestinal cramps and sepsis, and modern research has shown that this plant really has the power to strengthen immunity by increasing the number of T-cells, affects the production and activity of macrophages and stimulates the production of interferon – a protein that protects the body from viral infections. In a word: as a natural antibiotic, echinacea protects the organism from attacks and influences of foreign bodies and strengthens immunity. It is also more powerful than modern antibiotics, which fail to solve the problem of frequent and chronic infections of the throat, respiratory tract, ear, oral cavity and intestines.

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