Wild Oregano

(Origanum vulgare)

When we say oregano, we usually think of the fragrant Italian cuisine, but this plant is much more than a fragrant spice, especially its wild variant, the one that grows on the cliffs throughout the wider Mediterranean region. Oregano vulgare has also always thrived in the mountainous areas of the Balkans. Today, it is known as wild oregano, and is sought after all over the planet because its healing properties have been rediscovered. In our country this plant has been known since ancient times and has been used in many different ways.

Wild oregano was used at the time when there were no antibiotics. Our ancestors could not define exactly what it was that made it so therapeutic, but we know that today: one ingredient is carvacrol, the strongest natural antiseptic, against which viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi stand no chance of survival; latest research has shown that it also kills cancer cells. In addition to carvacrol, oregano also contains thymol, a powerful antibacterial agent. Together these two phenols have a long list of effects: antiseptic (they fight germs and are used for disinfection), bactericidal (they fight bacteria), anthelmintic (they fight worms), anti-fungal (they fight fungi), antioxidant (they fight free radicals), anti-inflammatory (they fight inflammations), anxiolytic (they fight anxiety), cytostatic (they fight cancer cells), anti-tumour (they are used against tumours), hypoglycemic (they are used against diabetes) and spasmolytic (they are used against cramps). So, wild oregano resolutely fights everything that has no place in our body.

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