(Ricinus communis)

Probably our first association about castor are scenes from childhood cartoons, where the biggest punishment for mischief is a spoonful of castor oil. The deceived hero cannot escape punishment, and seconds later, with his eyes wide open, he runs to the toilet. Castor oil is really a great purgative, about which the famous ancient Greek doctor Pedania Dioscorides wrote a long time ago. This ‘father of pharmacognosy’ described in detail the complex and very important process of extracting oil from seeds in the 1st century AD. But Dioscorides, apart from the very purgative effect of castor oil, knew that this plant is even more useful when applied to the skin.

Ricinoleic acid, which is the main medicinal ingredient in castor oil, is very effective in preventing the multiplication of numerous strains of viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds. In addition, it successfully alleviates and eliminates skin inflammation, scratches, fungal inflammation of the fingers and nails, itchy skin, keratosis and viral warts. Useful fatty acids in its composition: stearic, linoleic and dehydroxystearic, additionally protect the skin and eliminate any undesirable phenomena.

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