(Valeriana officinalis)

Valerian is a wild plant that loves altitudes and sunshine. In ancient Rome, it was often used by Dioscorides, Nero’s military surgeon and expert in medicinal herbs. In his work De materia medica, he described the use of over 1000 natural substances, and classified valerian as an aromatic herb. This collection is considered the foundation of all modern pharmacopoeias. Dioscorides is also known by his pioneering anesthetic, a special wine made from opium and mandrake that he used to put his patients to sleep before surgery. He used the Greek word anesthesia to describe the state of unconsciousness, which meant “without feeling”. Valerian has sedative, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anticonvulsant and antispasmodic effects. Simply put, it relieves aggression, tension headaches, muscle cramps, depression and anxiety. Valerian is also good for heart arrhythmias and the tightness of chest. It helps quit smoking, as well as find relief in sciatica, neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy, irritable bowel, abdominal cramps, menstrual pain, feelings of anxiety in menopause, and even hypochondria.

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