Mandarin Orange

(Citrus reticulata)

When Sir Abraham Hume, an English floriculturist and Member of Parliament, brought mandarin samples from China to England in 1805, Europe immediately fell in love with the fragrant fruit. Immediately afterwards, mandarin arrived in Malta, then in the south of Italy, from where it spread to the Mediterranean, where it is still grown in abundance. In 1840, the Italian consul took it to the United States where plantations were created in the south, in Florida and in California. It was given its name because of the characteristic colour of its skin, which resembles the robes worn by Mandarin dignitaries, educated public figures in the Chinese court.

Mandarin is delicious and great to eat and is also extremely beneficial for the skin. Mandarin essential oil immediately captivates us with its scent, which awakens optimism and fills us with joy. If applied correctly to the skin, its beneficial effect will help us with increased sebum, acne, clogged pores, inflammations and infections, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, burns, cellulite…

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