When we come across nettle in nature and accidentally get stung by it we are usually angry, but this plant is so healthy and beneficial that we should be thankful it even when it leaves blisters on our skin. At the same time, it is available to everyone and everywhere, and if we eat it a couple of times a week or drink an infusion made with its root, it will certainly significantly improve our health.

Nettle has been used since time immemorial and nowadays is recognised as a seemingly cruel folk cure for rheumatic pains which involves whipping yourself with it. That is backed by science, because nettle is a well-known pain killer and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Throughout history it has been used as detox therapy, as a diuretic, a cure for enlarged prostate, women’s ailments, pneumonia and asthma, for wound healing, for high blood pressure and boldness. Those old enough can remember that there was not much to choose from in terms of shampoos on sale in our shops in the past – you could choose between nettle and birch shampoos. And that was quite sufficient. Nettle shampoo strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss.

When the first shoots of nettle appear in the spring, that is exactly the time when we need it most. After eating unvaried food during a long winter, springtime nettle can restore our vitality. As it is rich in iron, it is an ideal cure for anaemia, weak immunity and exhaustion. It is also a diuretic and a great detoxifier in the spring.

What is it about nettle that has such healing power? First, a set of minerals: iron, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium; then vitamins: B2 and B5, A, C and K. Quercetin in nettle reduces allergic reactions. Beta-sitosterol regulates work of the prostate and prevents its enlargement. Its diuretic effect also helps with high blood pressure, and its anti-inflammatory effect helps with osteoarthritis. Nettle root contains polysaccharides, lectins, coumarins, triterpenes, fatty acids…

As an excellent diuretic, nettle can help against cellulite accumulated due to water retention issues. It also has a good effect on high blood pressure, and thanks to beta-sitosterol it protects the heart because this ingredient has the power to absorb fats in blood vessels. Triglycerides and cholesterol are always within the normal range if we consume nettle on a regular basis.

As it is a natural cleanser, nettle is beneficial for the skin. If used as a skin lotion it can reduce the symptoms of eczema and problems with acne, because it balances the production of sebum. Thus it helps with the problems associated with greasy hair and dandruff.

Nettle is a great friend of men. In addition to being effective in fighting hair loss problems, it has a beneficial effect on proteins in the blood which attach to a surplus of hormones. In that way it protects the prostate and the urinary tract. Women benefit from it too, because the same effect of hormone regulation can help with reproductive system disorders, with polycystic ovary syndrome for instance; as it has astringent effect it prevents heavy bleeding. It is excellent for breast-feeding women as it stimulates lactation, while in pregnancy it strengthens the embryo and prevents anaemia.

It is not surprising that it has been used throughout history as a super cure for all ailments. However, nettle is not only used in herbal medicine. Its stalk contains cellulose fibres which can be used to produce textiles. German First Word War uniforms were made of it. It is also used to produce the natural yellow die for textiles. In German mythology the nettle used to be a symbol of the God of Thunder.

One should wear gloves when harvesting nettle, in areas far from city pollution, in the spring when the shoots appear. We can enjoy nettle’s therapeutic effect without having to go to areas untouched by heavy pollution from car exhaust fumes. To help us do that, there are two products in Herba Svet laboratories:

Disan – in addition to other herbs and honey, this product contains liquid nettle extract. This natural elixir strengthens immunity, protects respiratory organs, helps with the revitalisation of the mucus membrane in the throat, calms tickly cough and is of great help to smokers who are attempting to give up smoking.

Hipoporstat – contains nettle root in addition to another four medicinal plants and is intended for men. It increases the vitality of the prostate, decreases frequent and laboured urination and protects the urinary tract. Hipoprostat helps with acute and chronic infections of the prostate and with the benign enlargement of the prostate.

With Disan and Hipoprostat – our health is stronger than thunder.